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Saturday, July 8, 2017

What is sorrow


It is the inability to,
Put in words.
Words with which,
I could describe.
How much it hurts,
To be with but without you.

Sorrow happens when,
I dream of us.
With longing for us,
As we were.
It is a physical pain,
Debilitating, instantaneous, dangerous.
It's as if I'm bleeding,
But you ,the world, can't see it.

Helpless, as I am here,
The sun is shining.
The world is fine,
But I am clutching my heart.
Trying to relieve some pain.

I seem selfish,
Bent on getting my way,
I am just trying to stop hurting.
Stop the yearnings and longings,
But only you can, and I am not you.
While you may call me silly,
Ignore , say you don't care.

You only make me yearn more.
Now for your touch, your care, your respect.
If someone is hurting, you can't decide they're not.