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Sunday, December 7, 2014

As a woman, As a lady. Femininity, feminism, love and kindness.

When sometimes, ideas overwhelm you.
When I come back from a walk, I am always bursting with ideas.
When I do not write, I become superficial, as if I live a tiny bit less.
But then I also say, that I do not live,unless I write about it.

My blogs are not only about my wanting my friends to know about the highlights of my life,indeed, I fail to record many (it is never about egoistic self promotion as I expose my faults too) . It is about recording the moving times, the enchanting times, those times that are simple yet stay with you the longest, also ,this is about my love of the language, and in preparation for the bigger works. If I move you with my stories and prose here, I can do it in a longer format. If I can't here, I can't there.

As a writer, I glory in seeing the magic again in my life, through my own words.

Some say it with their hands , Arthur Rackham currently holds my heart (amazing read) where is concludes,
"Of course the gift to be cherished most of all is that of life itself. One’s work should be a salute to life."

That is why I always feel, that if I am not writing about it, I am not really living. As writing is a passion, and it keeps me thriving. 


Talking of hearts
Drunken men outside were talking about the "old world values" of society. Lamenting their women who had left them for other men. I will be doing the society a disservice if I do not take the side of the men here - Most of them do not deserve to be treated the way they are treated. I have seen this first hand, and while I do not know all the men here ,nor all the females, I do wish everyone treated each other with more gentleness.

As a feminist it is my duty to say it when someone is suffering because of predefined notions about any social group (ANY) and as a sensible human being * I hope * I have to take issue with anything that is nonsensical.

I also wish this society and all its interactions were not so disposable.

The other day, someone joked in my class, and forgive me, this is going to be a bit lewd.

I said, "I shouldn't have done my food shopping when I was hungry! Bad decision!"

A guy friend, " Yes - you should never do food shopping when hungry, and you should never date when horny"

(like really! why can't university students not be lewd)

Me, cringing a bit "Those are wise words, though I am only guilty of the first"

"ha ha yes, but as guys we are always horny on dates! "

here it stuck so I had to differ.
"No, I can't agree with you there. You are doing your own sex a disservice , I don't think you would take matters to a next level if you didn't have any attraction for the lady , at least all sensible men have some sort of standards, you are not robots who are pre programmed to do certain things.You should never say such a thing you know."

I received a startled stare, hesitation of some moments. I could see understanding working its way behind his eyes . Then he smiled.

"Yes, I am sorry I was out of line ,and I get your point, This is how it all starts."

As a feminist , as a humanist, as a sensible mature person, it is my duty to not let this kind of double sided flippancy go unremarked up on, no matter how innocent it really was. 

What kind of feminism is mine?Are there different kinds? Is the movement inherently wrong , or is it just some people who have got it wrong ?

Two good male friends have asked me this. It seems even sensible, respectful man are driven to distrust the term "feminism". It is not the movement which is wrong, only that there are more misinterpretations and a genuine term.

With every "ism" , with every new movement, comes its original ethics and some responsibilities - the same kind that befall a free man. If you want the right and privilege to live in a free country under a democracy - you have the duty to vote, to make the right choice.

 If you gain the power, you also gain the duty to wield the power responsibly. You have to have the backbone to stomach the power and function with integrity. ( yes, use your spine and stomach together!)  Not many can do that. The same seems to have happened with feminism.

Bad Feminism - is a beautiful read to just starting to understand that while feminism doesn't have all the answers, it is a damn well done thing ,and that we have a lot to thank it for.

Yes I am a feminist, I believe I am an open minded, friendly feminist who can accept the flaws of the movement. No I do not hate men. No I am not a victim lady (though yes I have been subjected to violence, threats, harassments from men and have had serious cases of blind panic moments that makes feminism very important to me in reality) , I agree that women shouldn't treat men badly (vice versa please) , No I do not think we deserve to rule this world now as men have ruled it for ages. I still love to cook, I want to have children and a career, I want to take care of people ,NO I don't have short hair and I won't knock you out for opening a door for me.

I AM a feminist.

I have my own brand of it. Like many other women. Each to their own. I am not afraid or ashamed to call myself a feminist, I am only proud to do so. It is a noble movement that required real guts to start, which still requires a lot of guts to withstand lots of things in today's world too , it is uncomfortable, it makes people squirm. I tell things as they are. I am not afraid to be vulnerable. It is my power.

Next time , when the urge to ask " Should I call myself a feminist" comes over you, just remember to think if you are glad or not about women being able to vote, if your answer is yes, then yes , you are a feminist. Go through the post about feminism in India. You will agree that you are a feminist.

Again - no one need conform to that title. Titles are just that. You are a feminist ( - or a decent human being) if you believe that both the genders should be treated like "People" and not secondary citizens. Feminism to me doesn't only target crimes against women's rights. Feminism in it's wholeness encapsulates the whole of animated life (and becomes something bigger - more of a humane movement)  - it is in its core, a fight for equal treatment , of fairness and kindness.

As stated in the case above, a truly aware person, or a feminist, will raise their objections when they hear /see anyone being mistreated / misinterpreted / misrepresented. It is about the guts of speaking up and asking others to re analyse their opinions. It is uncomfortable, it requires a strength of character, it requires taking the risk of being laughed at , of being seen as anti social, or a snob. I do know for a fact that some people think I am a huge snob. I am not , but then I am. I like that :)

Saying feminism is wrong is like saying black equality is wrong, or that the caste reform in India was wrong, or that equal rights for Aboriginals are wrong. Such as our law systems are, the group that was disadvantaged , will be given extra rights and benefits to get them on their feet , to stop them from stumbling. Grumbling about feminism is the equivalent of  grumbling about the benefits enjoyed by the lower casts or Aboriginals ( like reserve quota jobs or places in universities)
It comes with the movement. Was needed at the time. Might not be needed any more. Our governments are no good at the job. Keep grumbling.

No....... not really.
 Because, I am now getting fed up with this discussion and I just want you to understand that female equality is a much bigger issue than any regional or religious issues. As we are the half of the human world, we are a big proportion.

So go get yourself an ice cream and contemplate more if you like.

But know this.
Feminism, the real thing - DOESN'T advocate hating men.

"when I will not flinch and shy away from a friendly, caring touch." ( it took me a while to learn the beauty of a friendly touch)
Because we do not trust, haven't learnt to trust.   Why feminism is actually a relevant "Ism" Yet, it might not feels so here in the relevant safety of the west.

I feel her pain, as she said, we all have gone through it. YES all of it and more. Yes it isn't pleasant. Yes there is something wrong with the males there, not all but many.
Though, I have to say I am different from her, that I have always confronted men , since after my 15th year. My mom has taught me to be a warrior. Because she never said it was my fault, or what I wore, or what I said or did or where I went. She taught me to be street smart, to sniff out danger and not to put myself in unnecessary trouble. But never to be afraid.
 I have always looked them straight in the eyes and told them to "Stop staring at me you bloody idiot." I have showed that knife buried in the purse and I have showed my rage. I have hit out blindly, trusting in to the safety of  a crowd around me to escape being hit back.  I've told that guy sitting besides me on the bus to "put your hands back where they belong as my thigh is not your property" and attracted the attention of everyone in the bus to me and the indecency.
Yes - and my dad worries about me and my safety because of my fighting tendency.

This is exactly why feminism is important to me, and I will always fight for the right understanding of it ,as well as calling attention to uncomfortable situations.
It is the duty of an activist of any kind.

The beauty of the lady moon , shining through the eucalyptus trees.

I do think that every "lady" deserves to be treated thus.
Every gentleman should be treated in a fitting manner too.

Being feminine, being manly, fitting the gender roles, is entirely up to the individuals. Up to the couple, up to their own brand of equilibrium.
I am quite sold on those couples that support each other through things, and even after 10 years in to the relationship, the man holds the door for the woman. I know we can't be acting in harmony all the time ( doesn't happen) but as long as trust and respect stays, everything else can be weathered.

A few days back, I was treated to a beautiful dinner by a male friend. He cooked it all and allowed me to sit and watch, open to criticism and he admitted it was trying on his nerves. ( he he )
I felt so warm and fuzzy about it as no man has actually ever cooked for me. Especially for me.It was a gesture that will stay. (he even did the dishes!)  Isn't that what we all want, feminists or not?(feeling liked , not just not having to cook and doing the dishes ) (Bet you thought that!)


Yesterday at work, I was talking with a client and he was being flirty,  now, as a Leo, I like playful flirty, but I abhor old men who think that just because they compliment a woman, they should be putty in their hands.

He was probably older than my own father too. So I was steering the conversation determinedly back to business. And at one point, after a gush of complements and asking me out for dinner, he said, " why, where are the thank you -s and the chatter?"
"I am telling you all that you require to know , what else do you want?"

"Do you know , your name means Goddess in my language, you sure are acting like one!"
So that infuriated me farther,
"Yes, I know my name means Goddess, so you better be really careful, Goddesses are dangerous creatures"

That put him off.

Like - what's with that. Just because I am single doesn't mean I want to date all and sun dry who ask! I am not playing hard to get if I don't blush at their empty complements and neither am I loose if I like to flirt in a friendly manner.
I once wrote, " I am flirtatious, I flirt with men, women and children. I flirt with animals,I flirt with little old ladies, I flirt with flowers and leaves. I flirt with life. Playful friendliness is called flirting, so be it."

Anyhow, I am done, My brain won't be able to produce any more arguments for anything as it is 1.30 am.

Shoo off to bed with you all.

If you need a farther nightcap , go and look at the images below.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This and tad of that.

"The only way to stay alive forever is to create , to make your mark, and to ensure that the humankind doesn't blow up the whole damn world."

Why do I so love words?

I have started teaching Hindi to a another creative lady and it has brought me face to face with the innate love that I harbour for that - and other - languages. She calls me an amazing tutor , and an amazing person altogether after she had grilled me over two weeks about what I can actually do 1 - yeah yeah , Leo pride stroked and all that. BUT  - the point being, I feel so dazzlingly amazing just for having that one hour every week.The other realisation , I never knew I could teach a language. Hallelujah!

1 - That I work and study. I know yoga, That I sing, do photography, editing, read, write , do traditional embroidery, languages, art , healing and gardening , sew and design, cook and clean and still have time to be alive.

The other day,I was asked to advise on India and the approach people should have while travelling to that place of mad, frantic , overwhelming amazing-ness.

"Just go without any pre conceptions, you will be delighted. You will be rewarded well. Be open to adventures and being street smart, you will need it. Always haggle, it is your birth right. Eat street food, at least all the cooked stuff, otherwise you will be committing a moral crime on the ethics of original travelling."

I need more people to get that - that sentence above - in all its glory.
If you are planning to traverse through India on the power of sloppy high end hotel foods and packed water , you will never actually get to the entirety of it.

I am not sure where I was going with this, in an old draft, but anyhow- "I am just sitting here,thinking, how fast the time goes by? And yet how slow ?how things seem to revolve around the universe unhindered and yet it's not possible,is it? but technically it is, as the earth revolves around the sun and the whole solar system revolves around the centre of our galaxy the milky way, and that too supposedly is following the other galaxies in the race away from the centre of the universe, or at least "THIS" Universe."


Oh all this swearing and the murder of language~ I can not bear it, nor can I do anything about it.

I went for a walk the other day and I wrote this for my brother and my dear Mr. M.

"The dusk has come. The stars are popping out unexpectedly, there is a scent of jasmine in the cool night wind. A dark tree branch is jutting out in a forked glory of shadows and light, next to an inky blue and velvety purple richness of the sky.  There is still a hint of scarlet there!
In the middle of the main fork, lurks the resplendent moon, shining through, straight in my eyes.

My heart is light , and so is my soul. I am gloriously alive! I wish you were here creating prose - or hindering me from it - my lovely bit of starlight."


 When you can't stick two sticks together with glue, try tying or weaving them together. It will work.
(?) there seems to be some hidden wisdom there.

The more I study architecture, the more convinced I am that people should take back the controls on and of how their homes, their spaces , should look, feel and breath. The individuality must come back.
How delightful is the fact that there will always be a first time for something, that we will never run out of things that are new!
( :D ) yes!

Frustrations! -

"Why is it so that when I haven't even thought of getting on a bus and I pass a bus stop, two buses come and go at a leisurely pace - this happens when I have already firmly decided that I shall walk.
Incidentally, when I badly want a bus, am running late and am also literally running , there never is a bus ? Or worse, it starts just a second before I reach it? "


That time of a summer's day when the sun keeps reflecting off of everything and hitting your eyes. Glass, steel, mirrors, water and leaves. You close your eyes and it seems time has stopped in a whiff of Indian summer, with the bees buzzing and the orange behind your eye lids covering your whole existence.

One should always wave back to the children waving at one, no matter where you are, it is common courtesy.
Australia and its sparkling trees!

Only art is eternal.

If I don't write about it, I haven't lived it.

This world , where everyday is magic. Those who do not accept it and are not smiling as much as they can, are wasting the existence.


"Evett was the smartest of them all, she went to Turkey for a holiday and met her boy friend. They got married and have 2 children. She teaches in a school there, and is 42 now. I have to get them all presents now and post them in a big box. Where shall I get the box from do you know?"

Evett's mother who was 95, met me at work in the shopping centre in Belmont.
Ah - stories.
And no , I didn't really know.

Some old gentleman came up to me and said, excuse me ( I was reading on my kindle) - I looked up,
"You are a great asset to the county!"

So I managed to look sheepish. My shift had just started and I only wanted to finish that last page of that chapter. I smiled in a bewildered manner and put it away.

"No! I mean you are very pretty!" And proceeded to pat my shoulder in a reassuring way.


Once a guy asked me, “What happened to your face?”
I looked at him and decided, that no, this would never do.

Nothing happened to my face, apart from me owning my spots, or stripes or whatever form my own unique markings decide to take. Much like the big majestic cats of the world, why should I not be gracefully adorned?
Never be sorry or ashamed of yourself, is what I have learned. The more in love with yourself you are, the more the world will love you for being you. Gracefully, be proud, not self centred or snoby, only proud.

This is what an assessment of my personality had to say.

"Independent and Brash, Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE could have been written about your life! Your intelligence and stubborn nature has brought you to where you stand today, and to say you surprise others on a daily basis would be an understatement. In your mind, nothing is impossible - And if anyone chooses to stand in your way they simply become another obstacle. You believe you were meant to do great things, regardless of race, sex, or religion - and nothing of the sort will ever stand in your way."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The resplendent magic of our land and other things.

I sometimes wish that the time would stop still in its tracks, quite frozen, like a glass shadow...many would wish so I presume.but not really. but oh yes! oh so achingly yes please!
(above - some random things that I agree with and don't buy monsato!)

What we are familiar with is patriotism. I read something similar in an expert from A.Macall Smith’s book, one of many. I have to agree with it to some degree, though of course there is more to it, much more to it indeed, but still- being familiar with a land makes us feel at home there.
So, when I left Australia for a visit back home, I said a proper “bye until I see you again”. I went for a walk and said bye to my little red room. I will quite miss the freedom there.
The orchids were blooming when I left so I left them on the dining table for Neil to enjoy, while my friend insisted on dropping me off to the Airport.
I like airports; they are so full of different people and have the advantages of comfort, safety and cleanliness over the long distance buses and trains. Though one must admit that those two have very different charms indeed. You can see more and experience more in them, and you get to eat much better food.
I am sitting in the airport right now, trying to while away the indeterminately long time before my flight starts boarding and when I can finally commence the last leg of my journey. I MISS home, so much more now that I am much nearer. I am quite sleepy too. Its al such a jumble of excitedness ! My aunt and granny don’t know that I am coming, and neither does anyone else, I keep thinking about the surprise that they will get and keep feeling amazing about that moment!! I keep thinking of that moment when I will run out of the airport at Ahmedabad and canon ball in to my family!! That will be something worth recording indeed! :D
And yes, I am looking forward to the food and travelling – India in general. Also , the distribution of unexpectedly varied presents – that will be such fun.
I am landing on the night of my grandmother’s birthday. She will be so pleasantly (shocked) surprised!
I will be spending my birthday with my loved ones this time, how wonderful that feels just thinking about it! Last birthday was hard and lonely, and I cannot spend two birthdays all alone like that. I must be indulgent sometime ;)
The Changi Airport is amazing; with those indoor gardens and enchanted spaces with overhanging orchids and waterfalls- just the carpet selection is dreadful, very puke like colours all. Just my opinion.


It has arrived. The Indian monsoon has, and nothing is quite as magical as those rainy days when every leaf is washed and ready for observation. The different hues of green displayed at their prime, glistening and fresh, shot through with tints of oranges, yellows and reds. What better offering can there be to that universal strain of magic that flows through us all and binds us together. Each life and experience.

Everything is simply bursting with life, life will push through, it will find a way - a nook or a cranny to crawl  through. All the seeds that you thought you lost are sprouting out somewhere proudly in this rich earth of dark loam. The first cotyledons - aren't they just so symbolic? They represent life to me. They are like a babe starting to stand erect on it's wobbly feet. This earth is very friendly when it comes to starting a new life. I have observed that what takes about 10 to 15 days to sprout in the sandy soil of Perth, takes only 2 days here.

I meant to write more faithfully, but when do I not?
The pleasures of homecoming were plenty and varied, quite overwhelming in a way that I constantly felt pressed for time - I needed to do SO MUCH with everyone.

My brother, my companion, my little baby, my very best friend. We literally lived off of each other in those two months. It was a delight, there is nothing like physically being near those who you love and those who love you. We became twelve again, full of mischief ,laughter and the need to explore and do it together too! We went on tramps in semi flooded fields, crossed ditches, skidded over mud.We found insects, crossed decrepit bridges over ravines, took photos. We shared the same plate at lunch times and fed each other, read to each other and slept together discussing stories, science and the stray dogs outside. We took up major projects, we fought and argued, though we took care to forgive /make amends swiftly and not waste a lot of time in that as we were on numbered days together ( think! it is so all the time with everyone! treasure it!)  Our parents have really despaired of our ever growing up ;)

I never got around to finishing this blog post - the sheer amount of information and feeling involved overwhelmed me and the little time that I have for my own pursuits.

What this video and be witness to only the 1% of it all

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kangas, Koalas and some hidden Dingoes.

"I think you will make a powerful being one day."
someone told me that here - someone I didn't even know. someone pretty random - the kind you pass on the street or meet in the bus.
and touched my heart.
I still don't know who that was, but it was a male, around 19 ish? it is absolutely weird, in a way, to get something like that in such a random fashion from someone younger than me. if it had been someone older, I wouldn't have been so astonished.
anyhow, I am the perpetrator of magic.
of practical magic.
I love it.
I love it that I live in the era where I can say it and feel safe.
atleast in my immediate world.
and as with magic (and good science), rules don't always apply, because different rules do.

that series of photos was taken last year on Holi. the victim here is my brother's (currently in misery of separation by situation) best friend. (Gosh- anyway). I am posting it now because I missed celebrating Holi for the first time since I started walking.
it is sad.

this morning, I awoke, I had a wedding to shoot, I have to say that I encounter quite a few exciting things here ,and a bit frighting ones too. but as they say, courage is not an absence of fear, it is the phase where you understand that you are afraid, and make a resolve to meet the fear head on, with some logic and sense.

I do so many things here, and I get to meet so many different people. this also means,I have to trust in the basic good nature of human beings, too. I have to put absolute faith in my intuition and capacity. I have to do new things and feel at home even when I am constantly out of my comfort zone.I have learnt new heights of control and a part of my personality has flourished which hadn't been that developed before. anyhow, I was going today to a place which I didn't know, in the company of people I didn't know, and in such times, there is always that little niggling worry in your head.

I am so glad that the universe has made sure that there are more good people in this world than bad.always. thank you.

The night had been rainy, the new day dawned fresh and hazy green. the sun sparkled. the fog shifted on the  tops of the hills and made mysterious patterns and shadows. I felt at home. I was with my kin, heading towards the wilderness. nothing calms me more.  the little distant cousins of the Himalayas , as related as an Ant is to an Elephant, so related obviously - and very complexly - the Hills called to me warmly.

so I took this photo.
Just to assure you, that I only say what I really see, and that there is really magic around us, if only we will look for it.
this is not photoshoped and the world really sparkles :)

my soul hummed - I was charging up. like a solar battery, but please, a bit more poetically. So long had I longed to get out, so long.. I have so dedicated myself to this new life, to making it work, to being an enterprising entrepreneur, but I have not forgotten the truest of calls. dreams, they are compelling things, and so they should be - though sometimes we yearn for the simplest of things that are denied us.

Himalayas - when did you become simple?

but anyway. I am glad I was shooting this wedding near Serpentine falls - I should LOVE to visit those, but I need a car, and company that wouldn't spoil the earthiness of the trip.

the Bodhinayana Buddhist monastery was beautiful.

so, what happened? I was trying to get a girl friend from my university to accompany me there, but she couldn't because of it being a Sunday today and there being no buses towards me. I wanted her to come so that I may walk around when everyone was otherwise engaged (eating/ not needing me), so we may explore the forest, so that I may visit a lake there,and so that she may take my photos and I may take hers, but she couldn't come. but, never fear, said providence, and I am grateful. I like people and people like me, and an Irish guest from the Bridal party took it up to himself to be my escort and friend (yes,yes I know - careful with men , I know, but my gut tells me, you know- and we were in a monastery not an actual forest, there were people -somewhere) - and thus I got some photos of me too! :)

because, you know what happened?
someone kissed me.
and I got it on a photo.
A kanga kissed me. :)
animals love to kiss me - apparently.
And I like it too.
I only don't like it when they kiss me on my lips. mostly when its a python, cause it just feels weird.
( university eco fest - loved it - pythons, a Dingo, a sleepy Koala that I poked to awaken, (at least tried) , and a Wedge Tailed Eagle)

will you wake up and look at me please? you are so cute.

so,there was a Kanga, and there was me.

it literally kissed my fingers.

new things learnt, when Kangas make a sort of growling noise inside, like dogs but a bit lower key, get away. their eyes glitter differently then.
they can scratch your eyes out.
they bite.(and punch but knew that already)
and they love the right people.

so today, was, delight. FULL.
absolutely delightful.

I love this.
I love Africa.
I love India.
and there is so much to love , how can you not be skipping all the time.

I did get good pictures of the wedding , and...what ..does. . it .. compare..

ofcourse to them it does!
they must feel like that they have touched a snow leopard or a narwhal.
I'd love to do that.

talking of Monks - the monks in the Himalayan Monasteries that I sent letters with their pictures to, have apparently replied  - must have taken them ages to get to us,from those absolutely cut off little villages- I can not wait to read it, I do love making friends everywhere. even though we might never meet again - they have the photos - and there, those things matter. they matter for years and for generations , and so they should, to us too, us fast paced people who sometimes miss out on how important friendship is. that is why after an extended trip somewhere, I take the time out to write to people I only met once, and send them their pictures. because it matters. it touches the core of their souls. what more can one ever do?

I agree with this article , that Friendship is a much nobler and just AS important a relationship as romantic love, if not more so.

a good read -

I also went to a multicultural dinner, a few weeks back - it had a lot of noise, and dancing, it felt like India, as if many people of different states we present - just only from more farther regions, Europe,Africa, Asia, south America. it was delightful again. I went with a friend.
He is delightful too.

and I wore my sari.

ok, so I have sufficiently monopolised my own blog post. now to feed the cat. -dancing.

O, tonight I am content . I've been to the hills and some part of me has come alive again. I did go to King's park and the bush walk with my friend, but the hills are the hills and a short directed walk can not compare, but it was a chunk of time saved in a little glass jar of time, set apart from the mediocre things, something magical, something that laughs and keeps you warm.

Now ,I yearn for the big cats.

that reminds me, my brother sent me a photo of a hurt lioness they followed this month to help sedate her for healing.

it is a bit bleary but you can still clearly see the wound.

I want that hair raising feeling,  of being absolutely at the mercy of fate. of the awe at the real and raw power - those moonlit and moonless night walks tracking an animal on foot. something out of an adventure novel, have I really done that? sometime I ask myself, and realise, quite wonderingly, that yes, indeed I have.
how very blessed do I feel.

and then, no wonder everything here feels so tame.
so very tame.

and the city and the shops can not keep up.neither can jewellery.

my passion for travelling and experiencing is the driving force behind my working hard -really. as my fundamental dream is travelling , and seeing amazing places and going to inaccessible place - and seeing rare wildlife , it all requires money. SO I work.

So, Africa, I come to you soon.
not too long now.

talking of inaccessible places , India has them all tucked away, here ,there and all around the edges.
I do so love those.
Chopta, the village high up in the soaring heights of the Hilamalayas, summer village of about 6 buildings. Dead in Winter. where your window glass may be covered in icicles even in Summer.there is no electricity here, apart from fire light, and maybe a single solar lantern , nothing else. A place I left a chunk of my heart in , frozen solid - to stay there in the permafrost. with those big brown Himalayan bears that we walked almost back to back with, and big ravens squawking in the hollows of frozen rock, high ,high up in to the fog, above the clouds.

an image of my Dad walking there ,in memory of last November (my first time of Missing a Himalayan trip )
(this was taken on our first trip there two years back)

oh Australia, can you make me awestruck, I am sure you can.
so that I may shut up about the other glorious places and say something more about you too.
but I love Kangas
and that's that! :D

interesting thing for this blog which is not by me -
the red ribbon is like something out of "Alice in wonderland" , new spots on Jupiter look like a painting by Van Gogh, the space is like a fairy tale with gigantic sparkling forests with hidden beasts and little (and BIG ) bits of stray magic floating around to hit whatever it may choose and change it's nature. it's a place of births and deaths - explorations and ideas - where petulant stars protest their newly formed state.
How - can - you - humans - feel - not - awed - every -living- breathing - moment - of - your - life.

ohh... and...

I am proud to have taken these.
He has the most intense blue eyes!

city bride :)
good night!