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Friday, March 21, 2014


I am a chronicler of life, my life, lives of those who matter to me, lives that weave through mine,and those which barely touch mine from time to time. there are so many stories around us, and when I think of this, I realise how many stories are left untold, they are pushed in to the dark past, from where they will be picked at random by time,to be replayed again when the moment has arrived again in the great play of the universe.

some interesting things that I love.

I walked through Myer, the great big department store of Australia which always reminds me of the BBC mini series "The Paradise". I was looking for an exit, and tried to ask a staff member, I said,"hello?" and she replied, "I don't like you, I am not going to reply, sorry". so, naturally, I felt my eyes and my mouth go wide simultaneously.
 gee woman- I thought, you sure got out of the bed on the wrong side today for sure.

I didn't go and complain though , to the consternation of many of my well wishing friends. they were right in their assertion that it would serve her right if I had. I didn't because I know first hand that working in marketing or sales can be soul destroying, if you let it -  how many times have I simply wanted to sit down where I was, or stomp my feet and just howl with pent up frustration and misery!

so I forgave her. it smarted for a little while,and they I started feeling good about it.
 (see how everything goes good)
 soo, my boss called to let me know that I am their best employee in the whole of Australia.I have made the maximum admissions (and received something that I shall promptly have to spend on the new construction safety gear for architectural site visits) who knew I would be that good at sales and Marketing?

yea, that's the word that came to my head when he told me.

I had this dream last night. I was back in the tundra, high up in the mighty Himalayas. we were actually on top of a pass looking out at the valley and mountain summits below, it was snowing, my mom was in the tent and brother and I were sitting outside(dad couldn't come as he was busy), looking at the weather turn, in the unexpected way that it always does there. this trip was special for we wanted the snow leopards to happen upon us(when do I not?), it was a special photography trip.we came to the conclusion that we had better moved out,there was too much snow on both the summits on the sides, while we might not be swept away, the villages down below will need a warning ,if they already didn't have one.

well, it was in such crystal clear detail, as we walked down, I could see the moist freezing snow clinging to our boots, the specks of soil and bits of grass as we got lower. then we happened up on another group of mountaineers who had been out to climb a summit, unlike our more humble intentions and decided to walk together, I remember all the climbing down details too, how we discussed the grips, knots and the actual crossing of a river. mommy, I am proud of you

ohh.. I do miss them, those peaks.

15th February
so.... I was sitting in the main city square after work, watching the children play in the fountains, and watching things happen in general.

so.. then, a girl around 21-22 came and sat down near my feet on the grass and leaned towards me with a smile, well, female conspiratorial - never shocks me, and I smiled and leaned down, (I was sitting on a low wall) and she extended her hand and took mine,and said, " you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in this world, and I just wanted to say that if you married me I will be very happy. will you?"

I can not say that I hesitated,maybe for a split second I did, for my mind worked furiously fast and no, I didn't blurt out anything inappropriate, with all the replies fleeting through my head, I put a dramatic hand on my chest and said," no sorry, but I am much flattered." (hail classics, for this just came naturally :P)

so she proceeded to sit down again, and when I asked her if it was a bet or a dare , proceeded to vehemently deny it.(I summarily departed after a polite chat) errmm... I am not quite sure, as ,when in a dare, you can't really tell the person who you are accosting about it.
I am just happy it was a girl, jeez.

the first light shower of summer,a thin grey day, a day when magic is about. must I be made to work today? must I do laser cutting and presentations and such when my heart longs to go away in long skirts and talk with birds and bees all day?

- I was walking home after a day spent at work, in an Air conditioned space (disgusted shivers) and the sun was setting.
there came a breeze, warm, having ridden over the sun, and it smelled of home, a slight tinge of backed wheat and wet leaves, I do not know whence it came, but it must have belonged to India.

 The delight I experience when my mom opens the letter I sent them from here in front of me in Skype.the thing went all the way
 excerpt from my tiny green diary in my purse for today.
"Children always return my real smiles, the smaller they be, the wider the smiles!"

"push up bras are like an epidemic here! what happened to equality and feminism,terms that this culture likes to throw about at random? where is the grace and where is the comfort in towering heels and unbreathable foundation layers just so that you "confirm" to the expectations of the society?" you are all free women for everything that's sane!

"you just sit there, looking at people and assessing their personalities,the ratios are the same in all the countries, there is rarely anything that catches your attention and then once in a long while, there comes a single specimen of such perfection that it make you go weak in the knees, literally."

 today in the bus, there set an old lady facing a UWA first year student, he looked fresh out of high school, and before she got down she asked him, "do you study at UWA?" (it was the bus to university) "do you like your studies?" he said "no,not really" then she smiled and said, "you know,study well, because you are a very handsome fellow, and you can make something of yourself". he he It was such a delight watching the boy smile shyly and blush, the tips of his ears went red and he touched his hair, and word that dreamy half smile until we got off.

it is nice.

I got a big kit kat today from my professor, I was one of the 3 top students in a test :D yey ! :D so she threw them at us three in the lecture theatre lol
so very absolutely beautiful

V day saw me delighted in every way, I do love festivals of each and every kind. there is a necessity in me to rejoice in them, just as much as I delight in the everyday-ness of everyday.

Neil gave me a single rose, and I got a flamingo plant from Mr stardust, for he reasoned the plant will live way way longer than just flowers. with my girlfriends knitting me gilded golden lions and dolphins and all the "move over to the place where you need us in your room" gifts, my room is QUITE elaborately decked out now. I do love you guys so.

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