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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Love and remembering its roots

You have to keep your love fresh and alive. If you are lucky enough to have found that love from which there is no return. No other titles are needed for it, it consumes heart,soul and your whole being. It makes you grow, without trying to change you. It's support, it's the courage of great communication, it's pure truth. It's chemistry that seems natural. It's best friends and lovers. It's messed up and challenging, it requires you to be authentic, fully present.
it's the most magical thing of all. It's happiness. It's defined by giving kindness. By the courage of sticking it out in the bad times, not chickening out for selfish reasons or our own comfort.
It's not the fairytale sold to us. It's the great love , the stuff of legends.

If you have it, make sure to keep it well.
Honor it.

1. Listen like it’s the first time you’ve heard their words.
2. Make love like you’ve just discovered their body.
3. Laugh with them like it’s the last time you’ll hear their joy.
4. Cry with them like they've just revealed what makes them vulnerable.
5. Dream with them like there’s nothing to keep you from making it all come true.
6. Be honest about what you need and ask them for the same.
7. Give your time to them as if this is the last moment you’ll have together.
8. Kiss like every kiss is the last one.
9. Ask for what you need as if you’ve never asked before.
10. Treat them like they're your best friend, even when they're not.
11. Forgive them when they mess up. It will be your turn sometime.
12. Love them with the best part of yourself, and while you’re at it, love yourself the same.
13. Feel free to say ‘I love you and this won’t break us apart’ in the middle of your worst argument.
14. Spend time apart.
15. Spend time together like you mean it, not just because you’re a couple. Go on adventures.
16. Take every moment together for the gift that it is. Imagine the end and remember the beginning. Do things that you give as gifts, things they want you to do, not only what you are comfortable with.
17. Be honest, even when you’re feeling like lying. Sometimes we say what we don’t mean, because we don’t want to be hurtful. But just admit that, and then say what you really mean. Its never too late to admit the truth.
18. Show them that they're important enough for you to drop everything to attend to them. We all need a little reminder of this.
19. Be real, your most authentic self, and ask for the same.
20. Walk away if its non existent, and bank love like there’s no walking away. You  breath together, spiritually.
21. Don’t be afraid to grow at different times and in different areas. Honor the differences, and remember that your partner is a seeker just like you.
22. Send each other letters. When spoken words are difficult, the written word can heal.
23. Get naked when words are nothing but well sharpened knives. Let your bodies bring you back to center.
24. Surprise them. Remind them that you’re magical.
25. Treat yourself as well as you’d like them to treat you.

Always give what they need, not what you're wanting to do only
Be kind.
Be gentle.
Do not take them for granted. Ever.  Just because you know you have their love doesn't mean you don't try to keep doing your best. Everyday

Here's to an amazing new year full of love, lust, laughter and little big moments of eternal magic and success, happiness, enchanted adventures. May we flourish.

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