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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

some free time

to be honest, i haven't had the luxury of "some free time" in a while. 
but right now......

i am WOW OW OW WOW WOW OW >>> that's the expression you use- sort of- when you are happy when some thing very hard to achieve, has been achieved.  or if you are a happy puppy.

all my submissions finished today, my final presentation of Studio drawings was today, and it all went very nicely. i also got around to give my professor a thank you card [made of two photos taken by me] for being so inspiring and supportive through out the semester, she is so nice, she liked it very much. so, now that my Yin and Yang fountain is at peace and the traditional motifs in stained glass no longer haunt my dreams, i can start paying more attention to my other hobbies. [still,not to forget , i am yet to make my curriculum vitae, as i have my training next semester- plus Diwali is almost upon us without my having done much on the "house cleaning" front!! so Soldiers ....... MARCH ] - but from tomorrow, not now, the crawling in the lofts, clearing dust off the fans and windows, and messing about with a duster on the hard work the spider has done can really wait..

i was just thinking, how amazing things really are in life.  they really are. 
hunger, it is amazing, when we analyse one thing  considering every aspect of it, we find that the subject it self inspires more than one complicated feeling.

so what does an apple have to do with sinful pleasure? [ yes, yes please, the shy ones CAN stop reading from here] :) i will tell you what.

when you haven't had the time to even 'look' at your lunch because of the work and running about at college, when every corner you turn reminds you of some thing to be done before the last day of the semester is over, and you stop your self from colliding with a professor while running some where for the hundredth time, you feel the deep exhaustion when you are at last in the bus, gearing up for your 120 km journey home, when you know what that all is , you will begin to understand my feelings towards an apple. [either that or you have to be lost in the desert of kutchh without water for half a day]

 not some ordinary apple either, i assure you! one big, Juicy , fleshy and fragrant one, with healthy, shiny skin, so lovely, that by just looking at it you start to imagine how slowly and deeply you will bite in to it, and how the sweet,cool juice will flow in to your mouth...
ugh yeah, positively sinful. but when you are hungry, a golden apple won;t score much.

well, to be prime and proper again, i was walking back home [after having changed two buses , of course] and was in a very very happy mood, apart from some feeling of weariness about my eyes and a slight idea of hunger in my stomach, i was walking, humming, skipping towards home. i saw a woman in beautiful cloths walking with a huge bag , bending over the side while she was walking, i offered to help her carry it [ usually i would have been too shy to offer, thinking it quite presumptuous, but from last week i have been noting an uncharacteristic boldness about my person :P he he or not] and predictably we started to talk, her wedding's next all the shopping. 

any how i am straying from the subject.

the subject of the sultry apple.

 i was walking by a man with lots of apples, who was sitting under a shady tree. and no he did not offer me an apple like the "kind wicked witch"had done, i had to haggle over the prices, as is customary and quite annoying too.

but there was this one particular apple that kept on attracting my eye, it was too fat , and exceeded my 500 gram limit, but i just HAD to have that one, so i paid extra. 

with images of my first bite in the apple, i hurried back home, washed it, and was about to bite in to it, when i remembered, "if a particular fruit is able to inspire such strong emotions in me, i must document it" so i put it back and brought the camera out, it is true, i am the epitome of discipline and patience when i want to be :D  such a brilliant red, quite flawless. can rival any one's red Chevy any day of the week.

and now, the moment we all had been waiting for, the first bite, in slow motion , the first taste, slowly , slowly and then going faster, like a maddened vampire or a hungry lion , and ah,ecstasy... in it's literal meaning -"Excessive and overmastering joy or enthusiasm; rapture; enthusiastic delight."

oh well, after eating it half i cut it nicely and put it in the freeze for others and went back to my litchi juice, so much for that.

the other wonderful thing is- a bath, a proper hot and unhurried bath, in which you get to use all your soothing shampoos and fragrant body washes, it is worth working on only after you have dirtied your self, wearied your self and disgusted your self in respectful measures. then you actually start to appreciate the value of clean water and a good soap. [this just goes on to tell how i "hate" having to travel through the pollution of Ahmedabad- living in a big city is just not worth it]  i was coming out of such cleansing trip to wonderland, feeling all like a fluffed up kitten with smoothed down hackles [yepp, i have them and i can bite when angry :P :P now don;t be scared you insufferable pup- yes indeed i am in one of my "strange" moods, just ask some one who knows me, they'll say it's strange,but quite harmless] 

well, coming out, i thought i should be thankful, for the fragrant things , and clean ,warm water to get rid of them with, then i started thinking that technically i had to be thankful for the money my parents have, that's how those things are bought, even water has to be bought , in a way.  and then i thought - what is it that doesn;t have to be bought and still makes me thankful? 

remember- i am thankful for these things.

air- a mixture of Oxygen and nitrogen mostly, to be precise, is still free, as they have not put a tax on it yet.[yes that was SARCASM] 

weed flowers, weed in the farms where they have to have maximum crop for maximum benefit, not here , but i don't blame the farmers .

the love of our family members, that we so often take for granted and not appreciate it every day, nor the strength that comes from being there for each other, the knowledge that, no matter what our differences, we will always support each other when it came down to that.

the fruits off the trees i have planted on my land.

birds songs and chirping of insects - even the mating songs of frogs.

the old nondescript pen that some one gave me which still works when the fancy ones don't. 

friends that have time for me, for reading this and all the other none important jumbles of words that i create.  

"for a smile from a little stranger child, 
for the wagging tail of the faithful street dog,
for the little steps puppies take, dancing around your ankles.
for squirrels play on the branches , 
and the green grass under your feet. 
for the mysterious cute stranger you see in the street,
and the flowing white skirts around a lady;s feet.
for the fragrance of flowers in the air,
and of water,fresh earth and leaves too.
for the music that plays in to the night,
on strings of stars and drums of wood,
while the milky way hums it's way in to your heart, the stanzas of earth envelope the beautiful poem of life. "

that being the spontaneous poem of today- i conclude that there is a lot that "doesn't" have to be bought with money.

i feel quite decidedly "none-sleepy". 3 more of my photos are going to be displayed tonight in Warsaw. so will wait up for that.  i saw today , though only half , Disney's "the sword in the stone" ,,ah how i love the old disney cartoons. the Merlin in it does have shared characteristics with Dumbledore [Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore] of Harry Potter. 

i will conclude this for today, i am reading "Idle thoughts of an Idle fellow" by Jerome K.Jerome [ don't you see the reflection of that in this post :P ] very much like "much ado about nothing" - i haven't read it. i am only referring to the meaning of the title. i enjoyed the common wealth games very much , India came second so that's great. i am still searching for a white, or cream top that will get my attention to go with my new skirt [bought it 3 months back but have been saving it for Diwali] , the trouble is, nothing's getting my attention for the time being, too bad. well, i await my Diwali , and Diwali trip and celebrations and photos and getting together and dressing up and being silly and,.......

good night! 

p.s. fruits are nature's way of showing how naughty it can be. i am also awaiting the custard

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