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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diwali- in a sort of silly quirky way

Diwali was amazing,every one managed to get together for the important two days,but were together for three :D and i was in the Forest on the day of Diwali :) talk of that! [ we went in on the day before Diwali,half of us stayed the night-me,dad,mom,brother,and my little cousin sister, while every one else returned.we returned the day after in the afternoon][now that i am thinking how much there is to write- i am feeling quite daunted by the task]

i wish to describe at length,
the little sweet moments,
memorable things that happened,
and birds that chirped.

but it really isn't possible,
at this late date,
to recount all those times,
when we laughed and cried out in pain.

i wish to describe,
the first glimpse of those beloved faces after a long journey,
the laughing and talking and talking and talking,
entering the forest and noticing the thorn fruits,

getting down and trying them for the first time,

getting our car stuck in a ravine,

searching and picking those little thorns with the wrong end of the binoculars,
out of each others lips and tongues,
while trying to not to roll about laughing or flinch in pain,
the relief of the car being rescued ,
and the little temple surrounded by tall trees,
green grass,lots of water and bats.
such a heavenly place !!

the little buffalo who'd lost it's mother,

my brother's shooting skills like no other,
the travelling around,
and twirling and hopping,
being slapped on the face by the cruel thorn bush branch
the red of blood and the scar on my nose,
the splitting open of a lip
by a way ward knee,
all add up for a memorable spree.

happening up on a lion,
quite unexpected for both,

my initial panic,
at recognizing him as the one named terror.
throwing my self on dad and brother,
pulling my cousin down too together,
now if i remember that,
i do feel particularly silly.

terror,as later we discovered,
was injured and subdued ,
may be he had acquired some manners too.

After a while-we moved forward,
Only to see our selves torturing another,
Leo who was there, sitting in the way,
Who squeezed himself out, from the side of the frame.
He walked back than,ignoring us,
For all the world-as if to meet a new friend,
They set and played together,
To my utter delight,
So I had to get down,
And walk back to them with all my might.
Those gorgeous kings, became all that’s nice,
I went so near, cursing the dwindling light.
Still-it was delight enough, oh again, it was pleasure enough.

Then ensued some confusion- about people walking to the rest house,and lions following them,us shouting and trying to distract –while they remained absurdly on the same path, while the smart humans,reached the place, brought out the chairs and set near the way- the kings performed their royal walk, as if on a ramp. {like totally- why didn’t I walk back? I was greedy and stayed with the lions to take more photos :P}
Then came the dark of night,
With stars, laughs and dancing lights,
I chased a firefly with my sis, while brother aided in the chase.
And after some running around, I managed,
To capture the little glowing creature,
In the palm of my hand.
Just imagine my wonder,and our general delight,
It’s not every day-that you capture magic in the night.
Then slowly, with all consent- I opened my palm and it flew away.
When others departed for home,we settled in for the night,
Which was comfortable and not at all full of fright.
Morning brought with it, the warm sunrays,
Morning walks and new agendas- I also proceeded to bruise the whole of my back.
After all the glory marks of few hours in the forest, I returned home to claim the day.
Diwali was there- can’t do without wearing it anew,
Silk skirts and tops too…

Thus progressed the time- we said good bye,
While the tide of the river washed away my grand pa’s ashes
[the day between Diwali and new year]
I know he knows,he is in all our wishes.
New year downed-bold and beautiful,
The cheer,fun, love and laughter-spread as well as it could,
A sending off of troubles and welcoming of a chain.
Chain of good fortune, love and respect
Which shall extend, as long as we share all that we have,
all that's there..Good or bad..

i still missed out on many things,
the beach,new places and showy things.
but after all,what does it matter-
when i am running out of time,
while today chatters.


  1. Nature called you and whispered its secrets but this place isn't for humans more and the true is hide behind the fear and the wrong interpreted signs that the same nature shows to us. You have caught one of them not with the simple camera but with your personal vision of things. I can see things that you can't see and the same you for me. You would call this allegory, art, esotericism, or whatever you want but I call simply...a soul that see a (little) part of itself :)

  2. F1= (x-1); F2= (x-2)
    F1 + F2 with X>1