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Monday, May 2, 2011

the world and me.

so news of the day, Osama Bin Laden's dead,so far so good. call me traditional, but it is the other hypotheses and complaints about how something Important is not true which really annoy me.

actually, in the morning, the news of the day for me was that the golden shower tree(Cassia fistula) had been broken almost from the base, a victim of the neighbour's maid who had been searching for firewood the other day.a good shock to get early in the morning while i was out watering my newly planted stuff in the front wood bend. so of course, i had to corner her,and give her a lecture on not considering 5 foot tall "almost tree" plants as "twigs" (as she usually excuses her self by saying she's just collecting twigs off the big trees).i had been watering that plant from more than 5 really isn't a laughing matter,i am happy that she wasn't around when i actually found out and had some time to cool off before the interview. sometimes trees feel like an extension of your self.i am not calling it "my" tree. it is harder to take care of the plants in the public wood.from cattle to firewood collectors to children who have nothing better to do but cut them, each one had to be warned off.

as for firewood,it is a necessary nuisance,to be honest. it is a good thing that most people collecting it are aware enough (and wary enough of the those who complain) to not to cut the tree itself, twigs are alright from time to time. i just wanted that girl to understand that if she would break the slender tree like that, how did she expect to get twigs in the future,for twigs one has to have a big tree. it wasn't only the one tree i mentioned, she had also broken another one which had been growing on it's own from quite a is almost like seeing a dead person.

the heat here is quite sickening,mostly in the noon/afternoon time. though the winds are blowing hard and fast from today, the dry leaves go rolling around on roads,dust ,flowers ,leaves and twigs swirl in many mini tornadoes that are always around in the dry hot noon.those winds become the winds of inspiration in the cooler times of night and morning, making your hair fly about pleasantly, your skirts twirl around your ankles and you start humming something sweet and nostalgic. this is the feeling the ancients have also known,and i know it now. how wonderful that is? the connection we seem to have through out the centuries by the medium of feeling? love, hate,rage,greed- all the same. also these minute, indescribable,unnamed feelings which can only be felt - i am pretty sure- are much the same. in this wind, when i close my eyes, i can picture Tom Sawyer experiencing the same sense of elation and joy, of wonder and hope ,adventure and exhilaration,and something yet more subtle.(or make it the little Mark if you will insist on being particular:P)  it makes you want to jump,twirl and run, it makes you want to leave all your work and sit down,gazing at the trees , thinking nothing in particular, it makes you want to pick up your favourite book, it makes you want to be in love, all the good feelings in the world somehow unite to make a canvas of unsorted colours, unidentified, undefined, yet pretty and surely there. these are the times when i think of fairies and magic, roaming lions, flying girls, prince charming-s , big ball gowns and starry nights,songs well sung , birds that accompany, good detectives, love stories, freedom fights,handsome men :P,birds of paradise, unexplored lands and calming tunes,mountains great, seas that paint, blooming flowers in gardens, laughing children,sincere smiles, small good deeds, the olden times...oh this wind does make me go on.

to be VERY politically interested from poetically inclined.
and to bring about an abrupt change of subject.

-what is Pakistan about?Laden living right under their noses and they don't know it? 800 mts away from the national army institute, that sure is too much.they say they can not "allow" such operations within their borders,well right enough,but isn't it too late for their righteous indignation?if they don't want foreighn interference, they have to do something about the terrorists hiding there. they'd better stopped sulking and said sorry to the world.we KNOW what ISI is always up to, one would think that atleast the killing of their own citizens would wake them up,but no they continue to be double or more faceted, the government their is crappy,while i do not hold anything against the people.

-Osama is dead.the direct benefactor is Mr.Obama,not that i mind it,he atleast knows the right things to say most of the, he tries and is a rather good human being.after all, it is always easy to blame those who have all the power AND all the responsibility, what does it matter if he does get good public favour now?does it really matter? after all, he is better than Mr.Bush. that's just my personal opinion. every one's just human,and we expect too much,too isn't always possible,but of course, that doesn't mean we stop demanding or dreaming, it just means that we be more understanding, slow to blame and condemn.
(who thinks "SHE is saying that?" with an incredulous expression?) :D

 -US is being quite smug about this,not that i say it's wrong.i applaud the efforts and sacrifices, of all the soldiers from UN,US,UK,and many others, as well as the good forces of Afghanistan and all those people there.that beautiful country has suffered so much, i wish it would prosper soon. while my brother is pretty excited about WHO actually fired the shot that killed Osama. i am not that eager to know.

-USA had made many mistakes,and the world has paid dearly for it,monsters like Osama,Gaddafi etc were created during the cold war,just so that Russian powers could not have any hold in those countries, i never understood why those two countries had to be in a death race like that.

- there are many powerful people in the world,it is power that corrupts them,we all like to think that we are right,but with power to be wielded single handedly , this thing really gets to your head.we need people who are more capable of handling power.who do not get drunk with it. dictators turn bad, always because of this sense of power. and that is why democracies are always the safest bet.

-as i and the kids were saying just last week,"why bother with world domination,after all,what will you DO with the world anyway?(we failed to see any attraction in owning the whole of the world) you just get a lot of responsibilities,which you,being human, can not possibly see to,your hair turn white and you look old (IF you aren't already half dead getting the world in the first place) , you have to again divide the world and assign it to your underlings,and they revolt after all,as it is human nature to do so.what's the use of going to all that much of trouble" how come the supposedly "master minds" of Alexander the great,Napoleon Bonaparte and Hitler failed to see this?( i consider Hitler the foolishest really,so he doesn't count, hadn't half a chivalrous bone in his body)

-India,has always (literary) shouted at the top of her voice- that Pakistan is the home of terrorism,since the things started to go bad in our heavenly Kashmir one paid any attention, or even cared till they started to attack the western world.that is the thing about good and bad things, the world is round, it gets around to you.i know what the feeling is like, terrorists are called that aptly. it is pure, white hot terror, that seizes you when you find your self helplessly in their power, some one dear to you is somewhere in the city being bombed, in the train that blew or a tower that don't want to feel that. you'd be  glad for each terrorist dead.

-if nothing else,Osama's death is a symbolic boost to people's belief in the victory of good.i don't care if it doesn't signify anything else.i don't care if he was dead in 2007,this is the moral and emotional boots the world badly needed, the sense of something really happening in this war against terrorism. it IS relevant and necessary.

-i am still not sure why US had to go headlong in fight with Iran, the poor country is still in is too bad when people start thinking chaos is normal.well of course i know the technical stuff, and don't need a lecture in history and faults.sometimes i feel that US doesn't have to poke it's nose around every where.but there are good and bad sides to everything. i wouldn't want them telling India what to do though.

-as for Nato dealing with Gaddafi- go hope for Libya is that ,after when all this is finished,as it is bound to sooner or later,that you are not too broken, that NATO helps the Libyan citizens create a democracy, no more dictators, they always end up doing odd stuff, btw, any good dictator in history? not a king, dictator. will accept a lecture about that.

-it is always better that international organizations, and not one country, acts against a way ward nation.they HAVE the right. humans, sadly ,have to be kept more in check than beasts.

-why did the "nuclear hellstorm in Europe, if Laden hurt" threat came last week, if we are to suppose that he was killed back in 2007? now please don't tell me that news was pressed on the press by US ,or that Al queda is in league with USA.the hoaxers and doubters are sometimes so at odds.

-the world certainly needs to unite,for a brighter,calmer and peaceful future,so that we can concentrate on issues that have more power than the terrorists.natural calamities, energy,food and water problems etc. while we can not let these bad people go about bullying and harassing us.if we unite ,everything is possible, and now this statement doesn't only concern any one country. this is for the whole world to understand.

-we all need to do our part now,in the midst of fears of retaliation from the terrorists,our only real protection is our instincts,eyes and ears,if you find anything fishy, report it,don't ignore it! we saw a big bag on a bike just today in front of a bank,we called the security there,it's good that the owner of that bag came running there when he saw people were around his bike. meaning, do not worry about being wrong, it is quite worth it.only the people can really do something.

i actually had a lot more to say but i seem to have lots the edge somewhere up-there in the description of feelings.the things i was thinking before were really crisp.....the wind must have blown them away.

truly , the past was more subtle , not so much happening in the world you know, things have picked up pace now,since a few decades, things happen more, are more dreadful and deadly. in the eras of ignorance, i have to say it was less oftener then now that something bad and big happened.have we really evolved?

-so,Britain had it's royal wedding, US had today. and obviously, because of my love for big days, i had to write.

what's more,a music exam that went unexpectedly well,a week's visit from my favourite cousin sister,a delightful photoshoot,a shopping day in Ahmedabad and our raid on a second hand book shop,movies,music , laughter and fun. lots of love, plants and creative things. totally beats world domination. for the world is almost at your feet. :)

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