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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

art cravings

i do not know when i will be drawing again, but, after a long long ,,,longgggg time, i sketched again today. the last 40 minutes have been fused with energy and the need to create something, gosh! i was browsing and than i just HAD to drop everything and get a paper and a pencil , now, nothing to get all excited about as far as the results are concerned, they are not all that brilliant, but for some one who hadn't sketched seriously in year, 2 in 40 minutes isn't something you can laugh about.

my, i feel exhausted, i  am yawning and almost ready to  fall asleep. what ever did adrenalin do? when i started drawing it was like each time when i had wanted to draw, but hadn't the time, had come together and i was drawing just like that, what ever came to mind and vision. so eh well... that happens right. 
usually i have such driven need to write, but hey , i love to sketch. so with no claims to high artistic skills, i shall share with you the result of the last 40 minutes efforts .

hmm, ok so the lips could use a better hand, but this is the best i could do with them. i like the eyes and nose, but after scanning i realised that i could have added more hair.. alas.

a piece of drift wood that i found in the great desert of Kutchh. this one is the better of the two i think, it does look a lot like the original piece lol so yeah that's that.. 
but the scanned ones don't look as good as the true paper ones.. duh

let's see what we can accomplish on the writing front today than. but right now, i am just going to read. William{by Richmal Crompton} , here i come.


  1. wow, you draw really well :o)! I also sometimes draw - and this sometimes takes usually few years :o). Then it takes me much more time then just 40 minutes to finnish something.... :o)

  2. ડુબી છે પરન્તુ સાગર ના અસ્તિત્વને એણૅ તાર્યુ છે,
    તોફાન છતાંયે નૌકાએ મઝધારમાં માથું માર્યુ છે.
    દીવા,ઘણૂ જ સારુ કામ છે..પ્રેક્ટિસ ની જરૂર છે..બાકિ તો સો માથી સો....

  3. I know how it is like to have cravings to bring out some kind of inner creativity. I usually get several ideas and don't know where to start. But it's fun to be creative (may it be writing, sketching, designing or sewing).

    You draw really well, Diva. The woman has a deep and dreamy expression.

  4. thank you :)

    J,you are very creative your self and i love the way you have with fabric. i wish i knew more about the actual sewing, i just know the decorative stuff.
    thank you, i appreciate your comment

  5. dear Katka
    thank you so much for the kind comment, well err,.. it actually did take me a few months to draw something that is not technical :/ but hey :D