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Monday, August 22, 2011

the hungry blog

well,for the time being,Just today mind you,I honestly have no idea how a rainbow tastes like,I wonder- may be a little like currents?

so what is all this about?well,I asked my self, when the 74 year old person has been fasting for 6 days now, why not try and see how it feels for only 24 hours?Even in the memory of the grand experiments held by Gandhiji, why not! in addition, I can also show my love and respect for Krishna, the most Fun God, really. Today being his and my brother's birthday, as per our calender. why not pray and hope today, for a better world.why not show my support for a nation full of concerned people who still understand and value the doctrines of  peaceful protests-with zero incidence of violence in the long on going protests.the discipline makes me proud.

Not that I am doing something amazing, many people will be fasting today, the thing about the religious fasts that I do not like is the way they go about munching on delicacies made without the flour the whole day through.I mean , what's the point? those foods are mostly more fattening than the usual ones.anyhow not a morsel of food shall pass my lips, for today :D

I have gone without food,on many occasions, mostly when I am faced with a whole day climb/trek. you can't do it with a full stomach, but it is different, one is always guzzling down lemonade or chocolates. one is also doing something besides the usual. and one is definitely not cooking! while- today, I had to cook, of course, and that felt like torture at first , but that my senses stopped clamouring and I started feeling content by only filing my nostrils with the aromas,  which felt positively thick and was more felt at the start, Hunger, but now I am feeling perfectly well, I am not even hungry, unless I ask my self very seriously, the good thing that I observed is, rather than lulling you in to submission, the empty stomach just sharpens every sense, you are more attentive and concentrated, may be the hopes and prayers will be more coherent, May be those Hungry children in Africa will receive some help-in the mad scheme of the universe you can not know how things work.that said, I think I should finish the homework today too.

so here is a tiny blog with a tiny hope, of a better world and lots of love.

one way- 

p.s. I am sure I will ENJOY the first bite,something juicy and luscious !mmm...

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  1. Wow, you are very patient, Diva!
    When I'm hungry but don't feel like cooking, I go to bed and sleep for a little. When I wake up I feel less hungry. It's weird, I guess. Of course my stomach is still empty but the feeling of hunger is somehow not as present after some sleep (and extra energy through sleep).