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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dancing raibows.

so, I have smile on my face, the infectious,silly kind which you wear for no particular reason, may be it is just something in the air, or that i am thankful without being so very consciously, for everything, for every positive person in my life. I am thankful that the exams are over, (they went well too), for my family and loved ones, for the conversation i am Having right now, for the flowers, for the trips, for the very comfortable bed i am sitting on,for the pending visits of uncles, for the marvellous books yet unread, for the gifts that i have to give, for the squirrels chirping outside, for the cool waft of wind -well, you know the flow.

I am reading the third book in the "chronicles of Narnia" it's called "the horse and his boy" of those day , on which you make songs and sing along, want to wear floor length skirts and twirl about, hum and laugh, dotted with curious childish sudden sentences that you utter, with a smile on your lips and mischief in your eyes, but pure , unalloyed joy in your heart.
It is one of those days.        
It has been good since yesterday.

But it is better still, today, and more so, this afternoon.

It is a frolicsome mood that beholds me, no worries, not now, for life is wonderful. And i am blessed, very very blessed. To have the wonderful life.

And, it includes you- reader. You are one of the wonders of my life.

I am lazing around, now. Wrapped in my favourite fragrance of roses and peach, well, it is a shower gel from Avon, but it is a smell i really like, and appreciate that it has me under it’s folds.what a delightful feeling. What a small delightful thing.

It is worth to indulge at times, and i am very feeling very indulgent right now, for my self. I am feeling as indulgent as Beethoven moonlight sonata! 

Now, did you say it right, some one?

Do not worry, do not try and make sense, of the words that are flowing. They are just for the indulgence of it. For the beauty of writing for no particular reason what so ever, it is just to be happy, and may be, to make someone a little happier.

Leave little notes of good greetings and full of feeling, when you go to the library next time, may be , stuck between the pages of a nice book? Make someone happy, you don’t need to know who or how, but just try. It is worth it.

I know i would love find one of those  : ) and probably , you would too.

Believe in fairies, believe in fairy tales.

In elves and werewolves and giants too. Why not?

And if something scares you, ask it, “are you something dead” or are you alive?

I am again wearing my strawberry dress, i really like it, i like long dresses, i like long skirts, and i like ,no i love , my brother.

He is a miracle that happened in my life at the age of 10. His being has made my life a lot richer and fuller.

I was acting overly childish yesterday, you know, you do that when you are among your loved ones, the ones who will entertain and forgive you. And i wanted to cry, just hold on to one reason and cry, simply. You do need to do that sometimes. Well i do. What ever he might be when he playes the kid-rightly so too, but he is such a rock when i am in tears. I would, without fear, step in front of a snarling lion and cover him, but i need him to hold me when i cry, i need that. I am alot like a baby, his words, when i am  being petulant and teary.  

But , aren’t those moods highly satisfyingly delightful too?

 So he went on and told everyone to not annoy me,not that any one was! he makes me stuff i might be wanting or, gives me his, he’d do all in his power and knowledge to get me to ,, err you know.. to stop crying. He really is wonderful. Sometimes you’d think he was the elder one of the two.
But wait, i must go and see  the three little kittens who have just arrived at my aunts. Their mother brought them there out of the blue!

Granny says that the mother cat changes the location of the cubs 7 times, before and a little after their eyes have opened, and than , she chooses the safest one of the 7 houses to raise her young. She even puts them in different locations and keeps going to each during the day, a sort of safety technique i suppose.

Needless to say, that they were DELIGHTFUL! Cuteness red alert! And there are 4 of them, though, one seemed to have gone on some serious exploration when i went there, i took photos, sadly it was dark soon. Grandmother gave them milk and i kept my hand extended without moving and one came to inspect the fingers, and i touched it’s tiny little ear. The mother herself, sitting on their perch on the big wooden swing on the front porch, let me touch her and scratch under her ear without protest.
There is nothing more heart warming than a baby extending his/her hand to catch hold of your shoulder or sleeve, while it is being carried on a walk with their respective mothers or fathers, as you pass them on the sidewalk, or the tentative but inquisitive quivering little noses of brave kittens that come and sniff at your hand.

So, as i was returning, a neighbour asked me about my dress, where she could get some nice ones for the daughter. I remember the days when i was considered an odd ball, though i still am, but not by the people who know me daily. I am still a lot different than an average woman of my age is expected to be, atleast in this little town here. But after all, truly speaking, it is the little towns which will accept you more readily. A friend told me again just at the start of this semester how girls would snigger and boys would wonder at my whim of two braids, or when i wore skirts at college, though, i have not stopped doing any of these two, i still get around to going there twin braided whenever it pleases me and i have the time (zombie early mornings! ) and skirts are not that frequent only because of the inconvenience they would cause while travelling extra long time in buses.  It doesn’t make much difference to me when people can’t understand me. Those who i care about understand me, and that’s all i need. When my dressing started to change ,as it always does when you finish school and become a bit more refined, during college, there were speaking and un accepting glances from around the house, but it has changed to wonderment since. People do get it that you do what pleases  you, i wear what i feel like, i could be clad in a skirt one day , in a sari the next and in a Jane Austen dress the day after, like today. ( when i walked to my aunt’s this evening, i received the usual glances of – ohh she’s wearing a dress at that age- and that’s what got me thinking. I am happy to report that the population has matured a little, the glances are far fewer than the number i might have received 2 years back, and i didn’t hear one tittering girl today) , i would wear jewellery only because i want to, and they can get a lot big  and bold. I would rather hear a lecture on how the universe was created than hear what the people living around me did in their past- not that i don’t know the persons, i have a detective streak too at times :P 

Too much introspection, not good.

So, the other day, that is,almost a month before i went on the trip- it was college day, i was on the college bus with a bunch of 1st year students and some 4th years. They were talking so loudly, in that annoying posh voice you adapt and learn if you have grown up in a too wealthy household without having to use your brain much, and that all in an annoying mix of English and Gujarati. Oh my this and oh my that. There was one boy with the group too, and he was as silly. I was dozing, and the 4th year s were talking in a more decent way in the seats ahead of me , all the silly racket was behind me, depriving me of a decent doze. 

Suddenly, there was a piercing scream. I woke up with a start.there was mayhem in the seats behind me, people were shouting and jumping , a girl fell across on two others sitting on my right, still looking around frantically. One would think something very vile had started attacking them. There was another shout saying it was on the back of my seat, i turned, and the beast emerged, in the form of an extremely cute little rat, it was a baby rat, it got down from my head rest and considered, than as i put my handup, it accepted the bridge and journey down to my lap,where i very much intended to hold it by the little tail and take it outside of the bus,which was now in full panic mode, but before could catch it, it started ahead on the back of the next seat – and the girl, who has fallen on the other two girls, gave another scream, i can not explain it now, i than, the thing to do seemed to me to give the little rat a flick of my hand so that is landed square on the wailing girl’s legs. 

Suffice it to say that, i have never seen a more comic jump and a faster exit in my life, luckily , the bus was stationary.

Of course , my little scurrying friend also made the other fly, only a little less fast, even the boy, who till now had been speaking “oh how you girls get so afraid” got off the bus just as fast, if not more so.
There was nothing more to be done but go to sleep till the driver came up and asked where the blasted rat was, while the others complained from outside and declared they won’t be travelling in the same bus now, though we were to change the bus, that is why we were standing there, a pity really, it was a very comfortable bus. So, till the other bus arrived, i handed down a few people their bags which they had left inside and induced the boy to come in and help us find the mouse, he did come, but still kept well behind me and the driver. We found those, were two, and made them get down.
Oh did i laugh that day :D

Good night!

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