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Thursday, December 8, 2011

sunshine on my nails

The Final studio Submission is over and done with, i am well rested after 4 consistent nights of having "barely enough sleep to keep me functioning during the waking hours", i had a wonder nap this afternoon, in which i dreamt of music playing, an old silver haired couple kissing and laughing, the universe and orbits of the planets, electromagnetic fields, flowers and barking cats and meowing dogs, rustic - green and mysterious , English country lanes, and lots more that i don't remember now. always a bad idea to keep it inside. "to write about later" , at least i always forget a bit, be it a dream, some thoughts, or a wonderful idea or lines that i consider wonderful, they always escape me.

i also dreamed my self shouting from a green knoll," oh, my beloved land Narnia"
guess who's been reading too much of the stuff? :)

yes, i am uploading my videos from the trip, links = photo link.

i was ecstatic the day i put in my final work of studio, even nature conspire to make me wonder more and more at the beauty of things as i walked back home in the evening, i saw a litter of extremely cute and fur ball puppies, though they wouldn't let me touch them, than i saw a little black cat up in the branches of a small tree, looking lustily at a weaver bird, who, in turn, had been chirping lustily without a care in the world,the whole world seemed to be celebrating with me.

now the little black cat was a treat in it self, i can proudly now say that yes, i have met a magical cat, it had white wisps of eyebrows, a white streak down it's nose , a white wise chin, white paws , a white little belly, and a white belt around the neck too.the way it looked at me was so exciting. i went round and round the tree, trying to get a nice picture of it in my mobile, not at all an easy thing with restricted zoom and working in VGA as it would only zoom in that quality, 5 MP doesn't zoom.
but this is the one i got-

and here is an awesome picture i found online, not taken by me

and after that i saw another pale pink cat, and went and tried to photograph it ,while the ladies sitting in the varandah of a near by house looked on my activities with interest and a critical eye.
well, i talk cat, on my better days!
and thus i don't gossip about humans with humans.

i came home, brimming with joy,  i could go on kissing and hugging all the three available humans,and talked a lot of the mix of cat and baby,(i do do that from time to time)  i felt quite obsessed with kitties. so i searched and found new facts about them, the importance of their whiskers and the use of the idiom "be the cat's whiskers"
internet is very neat.

so in consideration of my current cat obsession, Vidur made a cat form to delight me out of his handkerchief.

today i had been planning to make a recycled hand bag, and write a letter or two, besides writing this blog, but after an enthusiastic display of joy -by shouting , it's VACATION, it IS vacation to brother, i gave in to my tired and painful , sleep deprived eyes.

thus ended up writing this long in to the night.


yesterday, while i awaited the professor's pleasure to receive my work in the library, i happened up on a Gaudi Book.
I did, eat up the whole book during the two hours there, literally. i might still not remember all the names-mighty hard to swallow- if you know what i mean- but that doesn't make me like any of it any less.

i also just than realized that i haven't yet talked much of architecture on here, though an architecture student i am.

it is because i wasn't able to determine what to mention here, but i have at last made up my mind, who is my most favourite architect. yes, it is Antoni Gaudi, indeed, i could marry his work!

he has let him self be influenced by the great classic architecture, but he is so surreal,straight out of a fairy tale, i had liked him from the start, that is , from my second semester, but reading this whole book was like a solar lantern hitting my head- you, post modern masters, you surrealism supporters, you minimalism makers, you all come on the second place, Gaudi is the biggest story teller. who wants to say they like the light but stark white walls and neat lines of minimalism when i can get glimpses of fairies and dragons in nooks and crannies of his iron work, and get sunflowers on my chimneys!

this photo won't upload right side up :/
and what beats a gate which reminds you of sweet smelling water lilies?

and a doorway in an enchanted castle?

and iron work strangely like beaks of birds which will either start talking or poke you in the eye!
he seemed to live his dream, and also some how managed to bring the dreams a live and made them tangible, so much so, that even while looking at the photos, you gasp, and your fingers long to touch.

And here i used to think that Le Corbusier and F.L.Wright could be my most favourite.
( no, i never liked Mr Write as a person, he never had a chance)

but there are so many others that i might have considered putting on the first place.
how could i have?

the book

told you i wear sunshine on my nails, you never noticed!


mila casa- door. living in a fantasy novel

told you i could marry his work- i could even marry him! if such creativity was to be witnessed from near
no Ghosts are allowed in my bedroom though!
but, what Vidur made me, isn't at all bad :)
isn't he just so very lovable?

any how, got to run, this blog stretched  out to today, and we are to go to Ahmedabad now :)
may be we'll see some nice shoes?

thank you for reading.


  1. u wrote beautiful....and u saw that square in the pic is ....that is intresting....if u go horizontally or vertically sum is 33...nd to make this kind of square....consider mirror image of mirrored Z fashion if sum up individually all three lines....all are same 23...
    nice pictures....

  2. hey, thank you so much for reading! also for noticing the last picture! gaudi's work is amazing.