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Saturday, February 11, 2012

the year that was.

Dear Reader,
first of all, I want to thank you for being with me during the last year. your taking the time and interest to read my words is greatly appreciated, and the feedback, is , of course, highly valued.

now, let me get down to business.
this post is about the last year, it's events and accomplishments, a summary of my good days and bad and awesome times-but most of all, it is about the things i did for the first time ever, that is the whole point, to count the blessings :). while i do not have a daily journal to remind me, i will try and be right about the sequence, though, it shouldn't matter much.

1) this year Started off with my joining my training with an architect's office. A constructive experience of working life. I am no longer afraid of giving interviews or joining a new work force, having a friendly work place as your first always helps.
(wow it's been a year! since i gave my first interview and started this blog. :) here is a little selfish link to that particular post- )

2) it's been more than year since i participated in any kind of census or counting or volunteering :( i am not happy about that.

3) I am happy to report some progress in my knowledge of photography, though , of course, there is so much more to learn still, and always will be. I await the adventures to come, and I can not wait to see what the clicks through out 2012 will be like.i hope to be better.
 ( another link to a wonderful artist's interview- see the video,
DA is a wonderful community of artists.

4) i went to Mumbai for the first time, and visited new people.
and than i went to see BRYAN ADAMS - LIVE!!it was my first real concert too! it was 3 first times, altogether,which, of course, included all the delights of visiting a huge city for the first time, with your mom. shopping eating and gasping and giggling, you get it.

5) i Flew, for the first time!! and than i flew three more times! :D (went to Mumbai again during the same year)

6) went to the himalayas twice in the same year.

7)travelled with a Karate group and my lil brother, twice. as an official photographer for two national tournaments :P saw some extremely horrid places and so forth. though, had a lot of fun too! it is fun to bond with a huge group of happy, frolicsome young people (yea, i am not THAT old but they were all teens) (this included seeing "Ratzillas" for the first time- and learning a LOT about over extended public travelling and spending time and nights on footpaths and bus stations)

8)Went to my very first classical music concert.heard Flute played live and took autographs.

9)gave a second TV interview-but this one was shown on the TV repeatedly so this one must count at my first tv appearance :D

10)saw a sloth bear from less than a could sniff my nose if it wanted to.

11) saw a Monal pheasant,Khakhar deer,himalayah Tahrs, Khalij Pheasants and lots of new plants- on my second trip.... now, you must realise , each trip will include their own list of "first times".

12)climbed to the half hight of Everest . reached Tungnath peak. the highest temple in the world. stayed for the first time in a below 0C temperature and loved it.(not when my face froze over though)

13)I know more birds now. dad's been at teaching us on each trip.

14)made a wonderful wonderful new friend.

15)designed a very eco friendly high rise.

16) worked on my first official commercial project, the local temple door, with wood carving and tainted glass.

(forget the time sequence)

17)was asked thrice-for my phone number by guys who i didn't actually know-no co-workers or classmates or friends. that's a first timer alright.

18) sold a photography-print, for the first time! :D

19)made a cocktail dress my is probably going to be my birthday dress for this year.

i also learn a lot of new things,about my self,about my loved people,and this world.  Indeed, i thought it would be easy to list out all the new things one has done in a year, it is not. there are just too many wonderful instances,people.things,books and experiences. it is impossible to be able to note them all down. so.... these are the most exciting events of the last year (and  i must still be forgetting something-s).

alright- this had been written for quite a while now and i had meant to finish and post it before January was out,at the latest, but I kept feeling that there was more potential in this post than just counting of accomplishments, how odiously self centred that is? 

I of course, always ask my self "would I help people if I didn't derive such pleasure from the feeling of having helped?"
may be we are never fully selfless.
or sometimes we are.
yes we are. remember those instances when you let go, not because you wanted to but because that would be good for the other person, and were always wishing you hadn't had to.
yeah something like that.

any how- life is lovely. I have not been lacking inspiration, I've been lacking the will to finish this. I have One regret , I was gardening one morning and a wonderful, and true quote was created in my head, but before I could write it down, it had vanished, I was cooking when I remembered that I had forgotten it.

it is still alluding me "grimace"

the Vacation time had found me thinking, about those moments in life which can not be improved upon, those infinitely long, idyllic days which are full of those terribly sweet small pleasures which make you break out with a small,slow smile. when you simply sigh and are happy.

I walked to granny's, humming and skipping. she was sitting outside, in the sunshine, knitting a sweater. so I sat too and sewed my dress. we were talking of what had been cooked that day and of after life and literature. (my whole family is like that- including me) and while tiny ripples of wonder and excitement were going down my spine as I sew (that would happen if some one was talking about a Ghost writer and a book by that particular ghost on afterlife) two kittens appeared out of no where, and curled up a little away from our feet, the same ones mentioned before in this same blog.
all in all we had a wonderful time.

I met some sheep and than I met my brother and his friend, feeding those tiny puppies of the area stray. such little beings, they chew on your fingers with their harmless little teeth.

those days when you are a child again. those happy days, devoid of confusion or pain or even ambitions. I sometimes wonder if I shall be a very childish old woman someday.

I rather hope so.

girls around my age- that live near by me, think me to be a little not right in the head, as I am always playing with dogs and children or keep my own counsel- as none of them get the idea of talking with trees or even reading old tomes , and seem to disapprove of my rather different dressing and bold colours , though, it is a sore point, I'd love to have a friend living just near by.

and I simply can not get around to gossiping for the life of me.
my, it's been long since I started this one.
let me just list out the pleasant things in this world.

old black and white songs. I LOVE those. the lyrics, the music, the sounds...both Hindi and English.

I have named the little brown pup of the semi stray "tumtums" and the world seems brighter when I get out site and call it a loud , "" and he comes tumbling out from where ever he is and starts falling over it's feet on mine, as he seems to think that licking my toes does him some good.

doing experiments with the kids. my brother and his friends did successfully launch a home made rocket.

dancing, of course.

and jumping and skipping and running, of course.


little children.

first edition books.(William carries on,1942)

backing bread and making amazing things to eat.

reading. (the Anne series, I love that girl)

trying out new fruits for the first time fills me with excitement.

wise words- like the ones above.

and this,
and that.

and drop dead gorgeous guys like these.

ummm-- upps?
I wonder which of them is going to make the first move. :D

making silly songs.

early mornings.




brown packages.

ribbons and bows.being with my brother.(the list has no order -you know)


being a kid- always.

dreaming that some day I shall see the whole of the world, that I will be an explorer and do lots and lots of adventures.

two ponytails and writing.

skirts,colours,stones and flowers,shoes and lions,different mushrooms and chesses.

under the Tuscan sun,dogs, cats, polka dots, red silk , hand glows,red lip colour, letters to Juliet, and dreaming about that one man, somewhere.

and fairy infested places, and magic, and wizards.

and some more things. that make me smile. (the ocean, and the colour turquoise -amazing)
do you know why? :)

( I do not own the copy right to any of these images)

and here is an author friend's profile , on good reads, check out her cover images,

I will end this by wishing, that this year will be more amazing,more breathtaking, more filled with love and joy and understanding, silliness and enlightenment, times of bonding and sharing.

I look forward to exploring you 2012. let us begin some new sagas this time, let's make some amazing memories, which will stay with us when we are away from our loved ones, let me love with an open heart, and let me be forgiving and kind. pray for me and I shall pray for you.

be beautiful, Humans,
stay beautiful O' world.


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