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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

this Diwali - a pictorial tour.

the core area
the tree under which we ate.

mother and daughter- a portrait.
they were SO nice :)
Mom and dad, aunt and cousin.
A grim mood is a formidable maid, if we are to assume that it is predominantly female,the grim mood that is.

and usually, the sense and appreciation of the ridiculous is fast to overtake her sluggish train.

huh, that one was good to amuse myself with.
I do not know what exact kind of a writer I am really. I seem to want to try everything that I have ever read and thought, not that it is consciously done. speaking of my undetermined style -this is in accordance with my tastes in reading,fashion, people.. but no, maybe not people. I seem to like people,on the whole, I can be polite,kind and even can take trouble on their behalf- but I only love a certain group type the best,the ones - the crusts of my heart.

I have my sandwiches with the crusts.

ok enough of terrible jokes.

there are three distinct general groups of people, based on your reactions and feelings generated by them and towards them,respectively.

the first is the ones that you are indifferent to.

the second are the ones the nurture your soul just by being them selves, it is such a good connection, you are all on the same wave length , they give off positivity ,which is as natural and subtle as the grassy glade in spring, the perfumes are there, all intermingled , just there, beneath your nose, playing hide and seek, but wrapping you in the sense of comfort and well being.
these people refresh you, make you feel good about everything the world and under the sun.

but mind you, these same people may not do this precise thing with all the people, they might make others indifferent, or even scornful or disapproving at times, but if they work for you,you probably have the same sort of an effect on them too-- remember, I said probably, not necessarily.

the third kind are the ones that fill you with uncertainty , fear, or anger,sometimes they rely on you to make them feel good, there is no mutual communion of well being and positivity, here there is only giving and greedy taking of the bright ,sunshiny enthusiasm that you try to share with them , but you get nothing back in return , well, if you don't count exhaustion, confusion and heartache.they are the energy vampires for you.there are sometimes subcategories in this ,there are some pretty decent people in this, generally considered kind and wise, but they seem to have this effect on you, and well, the others are just downright lost cases.

I know there are lots of different people in this world (thank God) - but well, this is what I had to say about the topic at the moment.

 I have a purpose today though, I intend to write an account of our Diwali celebrations.

Diwali and new year was spent at my uncle's in S.K.with the usual wonders :) the whole family coming together and new cloths ,huge and delicious family dinners, either at home or at the farm, early morning jungle treks, swimming, the renown fire-fight of Savar Kundala on the night of Diwali, photoshoots, lots of lions and a LEOPARD!! and merriment in general.

let the pictures tell you their story :)

Dad and his friend Drongo,Morning Trek.

The salt makers- Costal highway,Ahmedabad-Bhavanag.
Me and my cousin.Mom wanted out.

Our rangoli :) (one of two)
the Farm Dog,Marshall, I love this picture :)
The Bazzar at S.K.
it says, "the most nutritious food for winter is...., Probably the stuff he is selling. :)
and some more of S.K. bazzar.
need I say I was totally in love with this window? I just kept feeling it was out of a painting.
more painting.

Diwali - my style.:)

one of the two lionesses,on their meal.we saw a pride of 9 lions,1 lion,2 lionesses and 6 cubs.

that is when she tells me to back off!
ok I know,this looks SO much like a dumb tourist shot.Believe me when I tell you that this is the very first time that I have had such a picture taken,in all these years of watching lions.
O' leos,know that I do not have anything but respect for you.

Mr wobbly pants.

she loves him,now just to wipe that mouth clean.

after all,they are lions,the great big cats.
our car.
the lion we saw on our last day.
don't you like this one?:)
the place just outside the core area,where my uncle had fallen, in the basement, through the gap in the floor, and got badly injured, lots of bats,rotting things and stuff.interesting place.

a fiery portrait from the fire fight.

oh,and Did I mentioned? we passed through an area of the forest which is scarcely ever visited by any one, including the forest rangers, core area forest , the untouched. I am blessed to be able to go to such places. We had a nice outdoors lunch under a huge banyan tree, and then I, father,brother and my cousin took off on foot, wishing to see more things- it was worth while, never mind the heat.
we say a wonderful variety of deer and antelopes this time - the blue buck,sambhar, black bucks, spotted deer, barking deer,Choushinga. that's a lot for one selected area. we also saw some wild boar and a Jakal.

and at night, when returning - I saw my second ever leopard, a stealthy shadow that streaked through the road ,fast as lighting, and slunk down low on the side of the road, ever moving. beautiful and breathtaking.

I want to photograph one!

there were lots of birds,mongooses, some snakes and lizards.all the wonderful creatures ,indeed.

 we saw lions three different time this time, the first ones were the big pride, then there was the lone lioness on the night of Diwali, and then the lion (one of two)  when everyone was coming to Junagadh to drop Vidur and me off to the rock climbing camp, through the forest. we had to trek quite a long while to find these two, but could only find one,the other was somewhere near by,so we didn't stay too long.

this picture below is my dad doing what should be done when you see a lion in front,when on foot.
(well,you may stand too-just don't panic ,that is the more silliest thing you may do.)
and some more remaining photos,in no particular sequence.something is wrong with the captions, the moment I try and write them,the photo jumps up above the other pictures, very inconvenient.

Vidur found a 2 rupee coin while walking in the forest in the least disturbed area, how wonderful - in a way- it is :) magical happenings.

next blog will be less rushed, I had to finish this on 12/12/12 , will tell you more on camp etc.
thank you for reading.

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