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Sunday, December 1, 2013

on things of importance.

I awoke at 6:50 am and mom was looking at the paper, saying, "the miss Universe pageant is today" so,we started the TV, an unusual occurrence in this house, the Tv doesn't start before 10:20 AM at all, well apart from the day of the Oscars,then you'd find me sitting in front of it at 6.

dad came in and said, "we should be looking at the election results,not this" but well, it hadn't started yet.

As I type , the state poll results are coming in from both Gujarat and Himachal, Himachal - I believe - has shown more sense, in denouncing BJP - but we shall see.

as for Gujarat, the illusive, and the most important elections in the country , the status remains unclear, while I do hope for a great flip and the present government to go.I have faith, the people will show sense, what was this huge turn out for voting was for ,if not for change?

thus, I have given you my views on this, and let me now continue with my story telling, if ,by chance, the poll results are in before I finish my entry, that will included too.(they are in,of course they are in,I've taken ages to finish this!!)

we were coming back after watching the Hobbit, the mesmerising memory of the scenes itched on the screen of my mind.
the one solid question that arises out of my consciousness ,(which in turn is in perfect turmoil of outrage,suppressed anger and sorrow) is - what is exactly wrong with the Indian men?

while we are on roads,demanding harsh punishment for those rapists who killed the 23 year old in Delhi, do we all ask this same question?

is harder ,harsher laws and their fast infliction the answer? so is the animal called Indian male only deterred by  threats , and have no conception of things like Chivalry, oh heck Chivalry, of being a decent a person at least? are they incapable of being driven by moral values which they so admire and require in all us women?are they even human?

even dumb animals know when to not do something,once being told it is not to be done,anyhow,it is wrong to compare bad humans with animals ,animals are by far more better and sensible.

each day,the news papers have aleast 1 rape case - in India, a woman gets raped every 18 hours. is this a sign of a sustainable society? can this go on?

written December 2012 never got around to finishing, so this will have to do.

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