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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The resplendent magic of our land and other things.

I sometimes wish that the time would stop still in its tracks, quite frozen, like a glass shadow...many would wish so I presume.but not really. but oh yes! oh so achingly yes please!
(above - some random things that I agree with and don't buy monsato!)

What we are familiar with is patriotism. I read something similar in an expert from A.Macall Smith’s book, one of many. I have to agree with it to some degree, though of course there is more to it, much more to it indeed, but still- being familiar with a land makes us feel at home there.
So, when I left Australia for a visit back home, I said a proper “bye until I see you again”. I went for a walk and said bye to my little red room. I will quite miss the freedom there.
The orchids were blooming when I left so I left them on the dining table for Neil to enjoy, while my friend insisted on dropping me off to the Airport.
I like airports; they are so full of different people and have the advantages of comfort, safety and cleanliness over the long distance buses and trains. Though one must admit that those two have very different charms indeed. You can see more and experience more in them, and you get to eat much better food.
I am sitting in the airport right now, trying to while away the indeterminately long time before my flight starts boarding and when I can finally commence the last leg of my journey. I MISS home, so much more now that I am much nearer. I am quite sleepy too. Its al such a jumble of excitedness ! My aunt and granny don’t know that I am coming, and neither does anyone else, I keep thinking about the surprise that they will get and keep feeling amazing about that moment!! I keep thinking of that moment when I will run out of the airport at Ahmedabad and canon ball in to my family!! That will be something worth recording indeed! :D
And yes, I am looking forward to the food and travelling – India in general. Also , the distribution of unexpectedly varied presents – that will be such fun.
I am landing on the night of my grandmother’s birthday. She will be so pleasantly (shocked) surprised!
I will be spending my birthday with my loved ones this time, how wonderful that feels just thinking about it! Last birthday was hard and lonely, and I cannot spend two birthdays all alone like that. I must be indulgent sometime ;)
The Changi Airport is amazing; with those indoor gardens and enchanted spaces with overhanging orchids and waterfalls- just the carpet selection is dreadful, very puke like colours all. Just my opinion.


It has arrived. The Indian monsoon has, and nothing is quite as magical as those rainy days when every leaf is washed and ready for observation. The different hues of green displayed at their prime, glistening and fresh, shot through with tints of oranges, yellows and reds. What better offering can there be to that universal strain of magic that flows through us all and binds us together. Each life and experience.

Everything is simply bursting with life, life will push through, it will find a way - a nook or a cranny to crawl  through. All the seeds that you thought you lost are sprouting out somewhere proudly in this rich earth of dark loam. The first cotyledons - aren't they just so symbolic? They represent life to me. They are like a babe starting to stand erect on it's wobbly feet. This earth is very friendly when it comes to starting a new life. I have observed that what takes about 10 to 15 days to sprout in the sandy soil of Perth, takes only 2 days here.

I meant to write more faithfully, but when do I not?
The pleasures of homecoming were plenty and varied, quite overwhelming in a way that I constantly felt pressed for time - I needed to do SO MUCH with everyone.

My brother, my companion, my little baby, my very best friend. We literally lived off of each other in those two months. It was a delight, there is nothing like physically being near those who you love and those who love you. We became twelve again, full of mischief ,laughter and the need to explore and do it together too! We went on tramps in semi flooded fields, crossed ditches, skidded over mud.We found insects, crossed decrepit bridges over ravines, took photos. We shared the same plate at lunch times and fed each other, read to each other and slept together discussing stories, science and the stray dogs outside. We took up major projects, we fought and argued, though we took care to forgive /make amends swiftly and not waste a lot of time in that as we were on numbered days together ( think! it is so all the time with everyone! treasure it!)  Our parents have really despaired of our ever growing up ;)

I never got around to finishing this blog post - the sheer amount of information and feeling involved overwhelmed me and the little time that I have for my own pursuits.

What this video and be witness to only the 1% of it all

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