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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This and tad of that.

"The only way to stay alive forever is to create , to make your mark, and to ensure that the humankind doesn't blow up the whole damn world."

Why do I so love words?

I have started teaching Hindi to a another creative lady and it has brought me face to face with the innate love that I harbour for that - and other - languages. She calls me an amazing tutor , and an amazing person altogether after she had grilled me over two weeks about what I can actually do 1 - yeah yeah , Leo pride stroked and all that. BUT  - the point being, I feel so dazzlingly amazing just for having that one hour every week.The other realisation , I never knew I could teach a language. Hallelujah!

1 - That I work and study. I know yoga, That I sing, do photography, editing, read, write , do traditional embroidery, languages, art , healing and gardening , sew and design, cook and clean and still have time to be alive.

The other day,I was asked to advise on India and the approach people should have while travelling to that place of mad, frantic , overwhelming amazing-ness.

"Just go without any pre conceptions, you will be delighted. You will be rewarded well. Be open to adventures and being street smart, you will need it. Always haggle, it is your birth right. Eat street food, at least all the cooked stuff, otherwise you will be committing a moral crime on the ethics of original travelling."

I need more people to get that - that sentence above - in all its glory.
If you are planning to traverse through India on the power of sloppy high end hotel foods and packed water , you will never actually get to the entirety of it.

I am not sure where I was going with this, in an old draft, but anyhow- "I am just sitting here,thinking, how fast the time goes by? And yet how slow ?how things seem to revolve around the universe unhindered and yet it's not possible,is it? but technically it is, as the earth revolves around the sun and the whole solar system revolves around the centre of our galaxy the milky way, and that too supposedly is following the other galaxies in the race away from the centre of the universe, or at least "THIS" Universe."


Oh all this swearing and the murder of language~ I can not bear it, nor can I do anything about it.

I went for a walk the other day and I wrote this for my brother and my dear Mr. M.

"The dusk has come. The stars are popping out unexpectedly, there is a scent of jasmine in the cool night wind. A dark tree branch is jutting out in a forked glory of shadows and light, next to an inky blue and velvety purple richness of the sky.  There is still a hint of scarlet there!
In the middle of the main fork, lurks the resplendent moon, shining through, straight in my eyes.

My heart is light , and so is my soul. I am gloriously alive! I wish you were here creating prose - or hindering me from it - my lovely bit of starlight."


 When you can't stick two sticks together with glue, try tying or weaving them together. It will work.
(?) there seems to be some hidden wisdom there.

The more I study architecture, the more convinced I am that people should take back the controls on and of how their homes, their spaces , should look, feel and breath. The individuality must come back.
How delightful is the fact that there will always be a first time for something, that we will never run out of things that are new!
( :D ) yes!

Frustrations! -

"Why is it so that when I haven't even thought of getting on a bus and I pass a bus stop, two buses come and go at a leisurely pace - this happens when I have already firmly decided that I shall walk.
Incidentally, when I badly want a bus, am running late and am also literally running , there never is a bus ? Or worse, it starts just a second before I reach it? "


That time of a summer's day when the sun keeps reflecting off of everything and hitting your eyes. Glass, steel, mirrors, water and leaves. You close your eyes and it seems time has stopped in a whiff of Indian summer, with the bees buzzing and the orange behind your eye lids covering your whole existence.

One should always wave back to the children waving at one, no matter where you are, it is common courtesy.
Australia and its sparkling trees!

Only art is eternal.

If I don't write about it, I haven't lived it.

This world , where everyday is magic. Those who do not accept it and are not smiling as much as they can, are wasting the existence.


"Evett was the smartest of them all, she went to Turkey for a holiday and met her boy friend. They got married and have 2 children. She teaches in a school there, and is 42 now. I have to get them all presents now and post them in a big box. Where shall I get the box from do you know?"

Evett's mother who was 95, met me at work in the shopping centre in Belmont.
Ah - stories.
And no , I didn't really know.

Some old gentleman came up to me and said, excuse me ( I was reading on my kindle) - I looked up,
"You are a great asset to the county!"

So I managed to look sheepish. My shift had just started and I only wanted to finish that last page of that chapter. I smiled in a bewildered manner and put it away.

"No! I mean you are very pretty!" And proceeded to pat my shoulder in a reassuring way.


Once a guy asked me, “What happened to your face?”
I looked at him and decided, that no, this would never do.

Nothing happened to my face, apart from me owning my spots, or stripes or whatever form my own unique markings decide to take. Much like the big majestic cats of the world, why should I not be gracefully adorned?
Never be sorry or ashamed of yourself, is what I have learned. The more in love with yourself you are, the more the world will love you for being you. Gracefully, be proud, not self centred or snoby, only proud.

This is what an assessment of my personality had to say.

"Independent and Brash, Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE could have been written about your life! Your intelligence and stubborn nature has brought you to where you stand today, and to say you surprise others on a daily basis would be an understatement. In your mind, nothing is impossible - And if anyone chooses to stand in your way they simply become another obstacle. You believe you were meant to do great things, regardless of race, sex, or religion - and nothing of the sort will ever stand in your way."

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